Pet Portrait Sessions

Our pets are such special members of our families - they are always thrilled when we come home; always there to listen to us; and always ready to encourage us to exercise!  And yet, no matter how much we love them, our pets' lifespans are limited.  How precious to capture their unique personalities and create photographic art to enjoy, and memories to last forever!

My goal is to create portraits that reflect how you see your pet - whether cuddly, goofy, aloof, or hyper.  I always make sure your pet is comfortable and has a relaxed, fun experience during their Portrait Session.  That means we'll spend some time letting your pet become familiar with me and my equipment before we start taking photos - approaching me at their own pace, and often sniffing my camera and bag (ok, I usually have treats in there!).  We don't hurry during our Pet Portrait Sessions; we work with your pet's comfort level.  And I never expect your pet to "pose"!  We'll just let them be themselves, playing, relaxing, and sometimes even sleeping!

Pet Portrait Sessions make unique and appreciated gifts for family celebrations, birthdays, and holidays.

The Signature Pet Portrait Session fee of $275.00 includes a $100.00 print credit toward any photo artwork you select.

Visit the Pets Gallery to see some of my furry friends.  We look forward to meeting and working with you and your pets! 

Please contact me with any questions and for further information.

"Thank you so much, Jennifer!  I look at this picture every day and am so grateful that I took the time to have you photograph her. It is the exact reason that more people should have their pets' pictures done by you." Tina

"The picture is right beside my bed. It brings me much comfort that we were able to catch Rosie looking happy and comfortable only a few weeks before she passed. Rosie was a therapy dog...she was exceptional."  Catherine


Capturing Moments as Memories 


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