Terms of Use

Copyright:   Please note that all images on this site, whether in galleries or for reference, are protected under current Federal Copyright Laws.  Exclusive copyright on all images is held by J Ferber Photography.  Images may not be reproduced in any manner unless specifically purchased as digital images.  Purchasers of high-resolution image files have permission to reproduce those specific images for their personal use.  In certain instances social-media sized image files may be included with a portrait experience. The Client will be notified that these specific  watermarked files may be used for certain types of social media only. We appreciate your business and your respect for the livelihood and professional skills of J Ferber Photography.

Permission:   We always obtain permission from the organization holding an event before photographing that event.  If at any time you do not wish to have your family member's photo remain on the site, please let us know the file number(s) and we will remove the images as soon as possible.

Model Release:   By engaging J Ferber Photography to photograph your event or family member(s), you agree to allow your images to be displayed and used for promotional purposes; use of our services constitutes a model release.  If you would prefer to opt out of the model release, please contact us in writing to let us know.

Payment:   By engaging the services of J Ferber Photography you agree to provide valid and timely payment as described in your Session Agreement and Invoice. Prepayment for Photo sessions is the norm, however, exceptions may be made at the discretion of J Ferber Photography.