Capturing Moments as Memories

"Love, love, love, the portraits! We felt very well-prepared. I was so happy with the amount of time Jennifer spent before, during, and after the session.  Carina had a ball. She laughed a lot, so she looks relaxed and happy in her portraits.  Each portrait is so Carina!  The Ordering Session was painless.  I expected to be overwhelmed, but actually enjoyed it. We didn't feel rushed. An amazing experience - absolutely exceeded expectations! We would recommend Jennifer in a heartbeat!"  Rebeca

"I had a lot of fun during my session.  Jennifer took care of everything so I didn't feel stressed about anything and could just relax and enjoy my session.  Jennifer gave just enough direction during the shooting process to ensure the pictures look good but still allowed my personality to show through in the final product. The different locations, outfits, and poses made every picture look great but also made every picture unique. I would definitely recommend J Ferber Photography!" Carina

Life is precious - each day brings change, yet is linked to both our past and our future. Portraits give us a way to hold on to these special times, in beautiful artwork that illustrates not just an image of your family members, but also who they really are today. 

Your Portrait Session will be relaxed and enjoyable (really!). Today anyone can take a snapshot with their phone, but the portraits you'll treasure are the images that are carefully crafted to appear candid and natural, and yet truly capture your family members' and companion animals' personalities.

Your portraits will be created with care to convey the depth and beauty of those you love, beautifully presented as artwork you'll enjoy today, and pass on to your family to cherish as  heirlooms.

I look forward to speaking with you!

Jennifer Ferber


We capture moments, to create memories that you'll enjoy every day...and treasure forever.