When J Ferber Photography began....

I began my photography business in 2009 as Sideline Photography Studio, specializing in action portraits of kids' sports and events.  Photographing sports in action requires both patience and quickly responding to a moment, which has translated perfectly into my portrait work of teenagers, families, pets and horses, making your portrait sessions even more relaxed and fun.


Sports and Event Portrait Sessions

As our children grow from preschool through high school, there are so many "I have to remember this" moments, especially as our children participate in their favorite activities.  Our action photography lets you freeze those fleeting instants in time, to treasure both now and in the future.

We photograph all sorts of sports and events, from dance to football. Please see our Sports and Events Gallery for a few examples.

Our Signature Individual Photo Sessions and Team Photo Sessions are scheduled ahead of your game/event/season, so that you will have the maximum number of images from which to select your photo memories. (It also avoids the disappointment of the photographer being their on a day your athlete isn't!)

Contact me to be notified of upcoming events and specials.