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Friday, November 21, 2014
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But what about...

We'd all love to have beautiful heirloom family portraits, but sometimes the details seem to get in the way.  I'd like to address some concerns people have about having their portraits done:

"I don't know if I can get my Mom (Dad, teenagers, fill in the blank) to cooperate."

     Whether you're giving the Portrait Session as a gift, or requesting one yourself, your family doesn't want to disappoint you. When I'm doing guys' Senior Portraits, sometimes I tell them, "OK, this is for your Mom"; that starts the session rolling, and within a few minutes the Senior relaxes and we get great shots.  Portraits of grandparents and grandkids, especially teenagers, are cherished - and rare.

"I'm not sure when we could do this."

     Of course it's great to have your portraits completed before Christmas (and would help us support the Rancho), so that you can use them as gifts for other family members, and as Christmas cards. You may also choose to give the Portrait Session as a gift - I have lovely Gift Certificates I'm happy to gift wrap for you (how easy is that?).  As a mom of a college student, I understand that it's hard to get everyone together, and I'll work with you to find whatever time is best for your family.

"I'm not sure we'd have enough time."

     One of the benefits I provide my clients is a Pre-Session Consultation. We can do it over the phone, but I prefer to come to your home or office.  We can create some options for you, whether you think you'd like one large image, a wall collage, or something completely different.  I'll advise you on wardrobe selections and give you lots of tips for a successful session. Because we know what our goals are, I can plan the session to specifically include images which will work for you.  Having a background photographing high school action sports, I can shoot quickly, or wait patiently - whatever you need.

"Grandma always manages to stay out of the photos!"

     If the "please do it for the kids" reasoning doesn't work, here's another idea: Pet Portraits.  Again, a great gift; who doesn't love their pets and want them around forever? Even if your relative doesn't want to be photographed themselves, they love having portraits of their pets. And I always like to get just a few of the owner and pets together, "just so you'll have them".  A last word: digital photography lets us do wonderful things.  I always strive for a natural, beautiful look - not fake, but "Wow! I look great!"

Ready to give the gift of portraits?  Have more questions? Call or email me today at (805) 305-5161 or info@JFerberPhoto.com.

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