What to Wear for Your Family Christmas Portrait
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Sunday, November 12, 2017
By J Ferber Photography
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It seems sometimes the details hold us back - like wondering what we'll have our family wear for a Christmas portrait. Should we match, be formal or casual, what colors should we wear?

Here are some tips on what to wear for your session, created especially for our Family Portrait Mini Session event at the Clark Center, next weekend. Only 12 session times are available, between 2:00 and 5:00 pm Sunday, Nov. 19, and 4:30-7:30 pm Monday, Nov. 20. Call the Clark Center Box Office at 805-489-9444 to reserve your spot, and get that Family Christmas Portrait you've always wanted!

Bring your pet too, if you'd like - as long as they don't think the Christmas trees are outdoor trees...Well behaved dogs are invited to be included in your Family Portrait Session!

What to Wear for Your Family Christmas/Holiday Portraits

Relax! Your portraits will focus on your faces, and I’ll help you feel comfortable and make sure you look great. Your outfits are secondary (there, that takes the pressure off, right?)

If you have special Christmas outfits – even matching PJ’s – that’s great, but definitely not necessary. The Christmas tree and background for our Making Spirits Bright event will be neutral, so whatever colors you want to wear will look wonderful. Red, burgundy, orange – they’ll all look great and nothing will clash with our background.

If you’re not sure what to wear, here are a few simple tips in selecting outfits:

  1. Solid colors photograph well. Generally the family should be in similar tones, but not necessarily similar colors – for instance, neutrals, bright colors, deep colors, or pastels.
  2. You don’t need to match (unless you want to). Varying colors lets each person stand out a bit, without putting focus on an individual. Think of it like this: your family all decides to wear black tops, but one member wears white, and becomes the focus of the portrait, whether they want to be or not!
  3. The place to match is in overall style, whether casual, dressy, formal, or pj’s!
  4. To create a color palette, choose one or two neutral colors, such as beige, grey, navy, black or white; then add one or two accent colors – red, aqua, yellow – whatever suits your family. Mix it up within your palette, ideally so each person has their own combination of colors.
  5. Patterns often look good when they are the same type of pattern, such as plaid, stripes, etc. They don’t need to match to look good, and sometimes they can tie the palette colors together.

Details to consider:

  1. Be comfortable! Wear what makes you feel good!
  2. Jewelry and shoes should coordinate with the style and color palette you’ve chosen, enhancing the cohesion of the whole rather than distracting from it.
  3. Colors are usually more flattering to everyone’s complexions than all white or all black.
  4. If one family member has a particular outfit they’d like to wear, such as a small girl who must wear her tutu everywhere, coordinate the rest of the family around them. Maybe including a color from their outfit – you don’t need to all wear tutus – although it would make for a memorable portrait and Christmas card!
  5. Include your pets in your Family Portrait - and your color palette!
  6. Santa hats are always an option!


I’m happy to provide additional assistance in selecting outfits over the phone or by email.

And I’m really excited about our Clark Center Making Spirits Bright Event! All families, individuals, and well-behaved pets are invited to come preserve today’s special memories!

Make your reservation with the Clark Center Box Office, 805-489-9444.

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